now available... two new options...

Self Sufficient Camping from your Car.

Bunkhouse for 5 - ready Summer 2019.

Contact me for details.

These events are for those who appreciate Elemental Earthcamp and want to continue crossing the creek to our private sanctuary.  We have returned to the simplicity of camp in the late 80s.

Camp Renewal - May 2019

Help with firewood cutting and finishing up the Bunkhouse.  Enjoy the creek, evening bonfires and fellowship.  No fee -- we appreciate your willingness to help maintain Earthcamp.

Wildcrafting - Aug - Oct

I spend many hours gathering native plants for wreaths and medicinals.  Join me in wildcrafting and commune with all of Nature.  Apprentice with the wild plant.  Touch the good green earth and revive your wild spirit.  Contact me for dates.

Anam Cara of Fia Rua ✰

June and Aug 2019

Join fellow Celtic seekers in elemental kinship, ceremony and healing with Nature.  Come for solitude and community.  Spend time on the land and remember who you are. Come for the day or the weekend.  Contact me for dates.

Schedule subject to change due to weather or creek conditions.

Registration Details

  1. Flexible Fee: $50-$200 to cover operating costs, Bunkhouse and Base Camp set up, tent site preparation, trail maintenance, supplies, food expense.  Camp Renewal:  free

  1. Arrival and Departure times:  10 a.m. or 4 p.m. 

  1. Prerequisite:  Prior visits to Earthcamp. 

  1. Register by contacting Pat two weeks in advance.  You will receive details and dinner menu via email.

  1. See Base Camp for what is provided and what to bring.

Minimum: 5

Camp Limit: 9


Anam Cara

of Fia Rua

Anam Cara ... soul friend, kindred spirit, confidant, spiritual guide. In the Celtic tradition "soul friends" are considered an essential and integral part of spiritual development.  A person to whom you can reveal the hidden mysteries of your life. This friendship is an act of recognition and belonging.

Fia Rua, Irish for Red Deer, is the spiritual ally of forest  dwellers and earth tenders.  My life is inspired by the Fianna, forest shamans of ancient Ireland, and the Deer Clan of the Cherokee who walked upon this land. 

They are spiritual ancestors traveling beside me awakening dreams and visions... heroic ancestors who have struggled courageously for the good in the world. 

“Truth in our hearts.  Strength in our hands.  Consistency in our tongues.”  motto of the Fianna

your anam cara (soul friend)...


31st season as your nature guide

Earthcamp 2019